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Providing safe, confidential, empathetic therapy in a non-judgmental environment.

About my hypnotherapy practice

I have many years' experience as a senior manager in a global healthcare organisation. I am a business coach, a mentor, a husband, a father, a cancer survivor. A series of life changing events lead me down the path of studying the cause of mental and physical disease, rather than treating the results and outcomes of a life without balance and control. Let me help you to balance your mind, your body and your soul/spirit. The power is within you and just needs to be harnessed.

My practice is an evidence based and clinically proven therapy, however I am very intuitive and in sync with a person's energy and emotions. Neuroscience is now able to prove that our thoughts manifest real changes in our brains, in our chemistry and in our DNA protein expression which affects our physical body. Getting our mind and thoughts balanced is the key to happiness and health.

My experience

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, Applied Psychotherapy & Neurolinguistic Programming.

Professional Member of Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

Member of Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Member of International Hypnosis Association.

Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training.

First Aid HLTAID009, 010 & 011.

Blue Card 619768 / 2.

Police Check Ref 811735.

I have vast experience as a senior manager in a global healthcare organisation. Managing a large turnover business with many staff has given me great business and people management experience. High level dealings with Private and Public health systems also provided me with a great insight into health economics. The cost, harm and futility of treating patients dis ease and not focusing on preventing the dis ease became a real frustration for me. After my own experience with cancer a number of years ago I decided to leave the corporate job and seek to gain better understanding and qualifications to pursue treating people and helping them to have a balanced mind, body and spirit needed for a healthy and happy life.

I have a great passion for neuroscience and the interactive relationship between our thoughts, our emotions and our physical bodies. I have had a great deal of practical real-life experience with many mental health conditions, phobias and addictions over my lifetime. So I understand most people and their circumstances, I can relate to others and have non-judgemental empathy for many situations and individuals.

I find it so rewarding and a great privilege to be able to help people to balance and heal themselves.

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