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Weight Control

If you need to change your relationship with food, clinical hypnosis can be a powerful therapy to help you do so. If your goal is to lose weight hypnotherapy will help. It is not a 'silver bullet' however clinical studies (see below) have shown that it is extremely helpful to change your relationship with food and keep the weight off instead of putting it back on.

Also, many eating disorders such as extreme dieting, binging, and purging can be resistant to traditional treatments.  However, because these conditions are often psychologically based, they are very receptive to hypnotherapy.

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In one clinical study 60 obese patients were either given dietary advice, or hypnotherapy for reducing calorie intake. After three months both groups had lost comparable amounts of weight. However only the hypnotherapy group had sustained weight loss after 18 months.

In another study 109 people underwent behavioural treatment for weight loss, either with or without hypnosis. After two years the hypnotherapy group continued to lose weight while the control group exhibited fewer changes in original weight.

For a variety of reasons eating disorders are becoming increasingly common, especially in the developed world where cultural expectations and marketing have a strong emphasis on body image. However, these disorders are complex conditions that often stem from a combination of long-standing psychological, interpersonal, and social conditions.

Overeating, extreme dieting, binging, and purging are often a way that some people cope with painful emotions.  These behaviours give them a false sense of control, but ultimately these behaviours will in fact damage their sense of control. They also risk harm to their physical health and self-esteem.

Many eating disorders do not respond well to traditional treatments because they are psychological in nature. This is the reason that they are usually very receptive to hypnotherapy. The key to treating eating disorders is to break down the psychological barriers causing the behaviour.

Through hypnosis, you will learn to control the emotions that are causing your behaviours. This new understanding and control will help you to change your negative actions and thoughts into healthier ones.

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