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Children Bedwetting

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Clinical hypnosis is effective for bedwetting since for children suffering from nocturnal enuresis who have no medical complications, the answer lies in behavioural change, we change the underlying habits, and we train the brain to respond appropriately. With hypnotherapy we promote these changes on a subconscious level.

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Bedwetting is a serious and desperate situation for you and your child. If you are an adult suffering from bedwetting, you will probably be desperate to find a solution. Here are some clinical studies showing the efficacy of clinical hypnotherapy to cure bedwetting.

A study in 1993 involved hypnosis alongside the use of the medication imipramine.

The study, in people aged 5-16, showed that the group that underwent hypnosis for 6 weeks had just a slightly lower rate of completely dry nights by the end of that period, compared with the group on the medication (72% vs 76%).

Most interesting of all though was that, after following up with the participants 9 months later, a significantly larger portion of the hypnosis group (68%) stayed dry, while only 24% of the people that used imipramine continued staying dry 9 months later.

After the initial study was done, those in the hypnosis group continued using self-hypnosis methods during this 9 month period, seeing largely positive results as mentioned above. 

Another study in 1985 in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry also found hypnotherapy to have positive outcomes. The study group consisted of 8–13-year-old boys who were suffering from nocturnal enuresis and they were given one hypnosis session per week. After 6 months it was found that hypnotherapy was effective at decreasing bedwetting. The conclusions that the researchers drew from this study was that they considered hypnotherapy to be “an effective alternative or adjunctive form of treatment for enuresis.”

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